5 ways to improve your blog

Managing a blog is a continuous effort. It is not only about content creation but other aspects like the design of the blog, accessibility, presentation

In this post, I will list out 5 ways to improve your blog. These are things I want to improve upon myself as well. I would like to hear from you if you have implemented them yourselves or if you think any of these are not as important as I think they are. Do leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

5 ways to improve your blog

Make use of images

An image is worth a thousand words. Now how many times have you heard this. I’ve heard and read this countless times but I still have failed to put this into action. My posts rarely have images. Partial reason for this is that I find it extremely difficult to find an appropriate image for my posts. But I’m trying to improve upon that? What about you? How do you source images for your posts?

Improve your blog load time

blog load time
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According to a New York Times post and Google engineers, impatient web users flee slow loading sites. Well, you do not necessarily have to be impatient to navigate away from a slow site. No one likes to wait for anything and your blog is no different. Your readers come to your blog to read your content. And you should ensure that they get it as soon as they arrive on your blog. For this, you should ensure that your blog loads quick enough. Now there is no fixed benchmark for an average load speed of a blog but as a user, you be the best judge and see if you have to wait long enough for your blog to load.

There are various tools for this but I like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The desktop score of my blog is 76 which is not very bad. But I can still improve upon it. What is the PageSpeed score of your blog?

Add options to subscribe

Your readers may not have the time to check your blog daily. They may turn up at random occasions to find that there is no new content to read. This may deter them from coming back. This is where an option to subscribe comes in handy. You should provide a RSS subscription option to your readers. Even better is an email subscription to your newsletter.

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An RSS subscription gives you an update when a post is added or updated but an email subscription gives you more flexibility with respect to the time and content of the newsletter.

Do you have an email subscription offer on your blog?

Customize your blog design

Your blog is your personal asset in the blogosphere. It should have your unique mark on it. You may be using a premium theme on your blog but so could be the next blogger. The only way to make your blog’s design unique is to customize it. Many bloggers spend that extra effort to make their blog design stand out. If you are not comfortable with coding and do not want to tinker around with your theme’s code, you can hire a professional web designer who can customize your theme for you. If you are on a tight budget though, you can always look out for simple customizations that you can apply to your blog.

I have been customizing my blog step by step and sharing these techniques here. For those of you who may be wondering, I am using a customized child theme of the default WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme.

Don’t quit yet!

dont quit
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This is the last but one of the most important ways to improve your blog. Yes, by notĀ givingĀ upon it yet. Your blog will grow only when you give it your undivided attention and your effort to better it step by step. Every blogger goes through a phase where nothing works and quitting becomes that much more easier.That is when you should start your efforts afresh. Remember, success at blogging does not have a set benchmark. Some achieve it in months, some take years and some simply keep trying but success comes only to those who never stop trying.

Your turn

So what have been your ways to improve your blog? What has worked for you? Please do share your comments with me in the comments section below.

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