5 types of blog posts that you should be writing

Blogging is all about delivering fresh and good content. Your blogging routine may be daily, weekly or bi-weekly. Also, your post may always be of the same type. Whatever be your type or routine, you may soon run out of post ideas. This post is not about how to get ideas for your posts but more specifically on what are the different types of blog posts you can write.

Types of blog posts that you can write.

In this post, I will tell you about 5 types of blog posts that you can write. This helps you in diversifying the content on your blog and at the same time makes you think in different ways so that you are never out of ideas. For example, if you always write tips about blogging, how about writing a tutorial on something? Keep on reading to learn more.

Write a list

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This type of post basically lists out information about a particular topic. A list can easily provide information which your readers can remember or absorb easily. Some readers may just look at the list topics and read the content only for those topics they find interesting. A list has to be on a particular theme or topic, like

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5 simple CSS tricks for Twenty Thirteen theme

As you can see from the above examples, the list type of posts are my favorite and I frequently post a list of 5 things.

Tutorials and How to

This type of post is highly sought after. A post which can teach your readers how to do something or provide information on a particular topic is always helpful. Most people on the internet look out for ways to solve problems that they are facing. By creating a post on how to exactly do that and helping them, you are establishing yourself as an authority and source of knowledge. Your readers will keep coming back to your blog provided you keep posting these types of blog posts. For example,

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I love doing How to kind of posts on my blog. I get to share on how I solved a problem or implemented a feature on my blog.


Reviews are honest opinion about anything. Reviews need not be always paid. Often, you maybe using a particular service or tool for your blog and are very happy with its features. Why not write a review about it and share it with your readers. These reviews can help some of your readers decide whether to use a particular plugin or service for their blog as well. For example, I’m using HostGator(my affiliate link)for my hosting and NameCheap(my affiliate link) for my domain registration and am happy with their services.
types of blog posts
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Some blogs write paid reviews. These are reviews for which you can get paid. This is a source of earning income for the work that you do but if you want to do a paid review, remember to be honest or risk losing your reader’s trust.

Case studies

These types of posts are difficult to write but they can turn out to be very informative and epic in size as well. So what is this post type? In short and simple terms, a case study is an analysis of something. In other terms, you can publish a result of some experiment that you did, mentioning the issues you faced, the actions you took and the outcome you saw. For example, a post on How you increased your readers can make for an interesting and informative post. Readers would like to see what were the problems you were facing and how you solved them. Some of these can be applicable to them as well and they can learn from your experiences.

Milestones and goals

These types of blog posts are of personal nature, spcifically about you. They can be created when you have reached a particular milestone or achieved a goal in your personal or professional life. You can expand this type of post to highlight on what were the highlights in achieving this milestone, the time it took to reach it and what are your future plans. For example, a post on how you got your 100th subscriber. This is a significant milestone(atleast for me) and you can also add on what all did you do to get them. These types of blog posts also are motivational in nature and help your readers set goals and try to achieve them.

Your turn?

So what types of blog posts are you writing?
What is your favorite post type?

Please do share your comments with me in the comments section below.

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